Unlimited users, all functionality, single fixed cost license fee


Within hours, your team will be up and running with access to all of your historical client data and powerful tools such as digital fact finds, service agreements, automated client services, templates, and dashboards that highlights every important client and compliance aspect of your business. Problem solved.

Client Details

Every important aspect of your client is visible from a single view, ensuring you have complete visibility over all client key details, task and activity summaries, revenue details, file notes, service package information, compliance documents and much more.


Link related clients and share contact details, revenue information, service agreements and much more.


Take efficiency to the next level by automating hundreds of time consuming, repetitive tasks – giving your staff hours back into their day.


Send your team home early as they master productivity through automated task management and checklists. Lose the frustration of clunky, complicated processes and threads with our onboarding team helping you every step of the way.

Jobs & Tasks

Customise your workflow to create tasks, allocate responsibilities and monitor your entire workflow at a business level.


Workflow items can be structured into customisable checklists, which provide a simple way to manage complex activities whilst remaining flexible enough for staff to handle the job as it transpires.


Automating daily workflows and tasks allows your staff to save significant amounts of time on repetitive administrative tasks and allows them to focus their time on more profitable initiatives.

Revenue Management

Never again feel the pain of having to return client fees for missing renewal deadlines. Increase your profitability through 100% accurate invoicing of clients, payment collection, reporting and forecasting dashboards.


With a multitude of pre-built and customisable reports, you’ll never lose a cent. Dissecting your revenue to understand profitability, identify missing revenue or revenue trends and uncovering new business opportunities is a sinch!

Revenue Processing

With unlimited splits, customised reports and RCTI’s, quickly calculate and process practice revenue payments, referral source and adviser’s remuneration.


Create once-off or recurring revenue and synchronise with Xero real-time to stay abreast of all fee-for-service activities.


There has never been a more important time to ensure compliance obligations are being met, on time with a documented audit trail

Contain all of your client records in one spot, including all interactions and documents securely encrypted, and available to you on any device. Client renewal agreements are automatically produced, sent, and returned with an e-signature in minutes and service histories for compliance or audits can be accessed at a click of a button.

Document Creation

Create beautifully branded and compliant templates to save hundreds of hours of effort across your business.


Templates can be created for letters, emails, SMS, file notes, and much more to ensure consistency and efficiency.


Add a personal touch to your documents by drawing key client details directly into documents using simple-to-use placeholders.


Documents can be saved securely for review and retrieved from anywhere, at any time.

Practice Management

Identify bottlenecks, increase profitability, leverage revenue opportunities and be the best advice firm you can be!


Effortlessly observe client services being delivered and compliance obligations being met with personalised and interactive dashboards and reports.


Real time analysis of upfront and ongoing revenue, client status, segments or product mix as well as easy to access trend reporting.


User permission settings may be set to ensure only relevant information is visible to the right people within your business.


Worksorted loves a good tech-stack! We are the best at a bunch of things, but not everything…and we don’t try to be. We don’t do financial plan modelling or product comparisons, but we integrate seamlessly with plenty of others who do. Problem solved!

Should you be interested in becoming an integration partner or would like to know more about these connections, please contact us.


Worksorted provides complete API documentation and support to partners and software vendors upon request.

Should you be interested in accessing our API, please contact us